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Apparently I had to write down 10 things people don't know about me on Facebook. Instead I'm going to have 10 people from the system write a thing people don't know about them or the system in general. ~Opera Ghost

Mr. Y (Australian): I'm never in a happy mood. If I seem to be, I'm acting.

Kay: I've never forgiven myself for the deaths of Timmy & Bungee (pets)

Webber: I actually left the system for two weeks once.

Boulder: Sometimes I wish someone would try to attack us so I can beat them up, turn them in, get on the news, & share with the world the story of our DID.

Buell: I wish we were REALLY good friends with Phantom actors/actresses that accepted us so we would feel even less alone.

(Webber)Christine: Every night we wish we had someone to cuddle with.

Mr. M: If we could be, we'd be back in Louisiana right now.

Mauer: We live in constant fear our friends/family don't love us/think about us as much as we do them.

Meg: There are some things we keep from friends/family that we really feel bad about, but we feel if we share them it'll ruin everything.

Owl: It hurts that hardly anybody bloody calls us either just to talk or invite us somewhere
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What is the system?
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